book drive organizer

Mrs. Tompkins (5th Grade Teacher)

at Bonny View Elementary School, Redding, CA

Here since Jul 16, 2018

Open requests - 4 Books received - 3

This will be my 5th year teaching 5th grade. I worked as a substitute teacher for 15 years, coached multiple sports, and worked in a variety of roles within the education system. I have a passion for teaching and helping students grow and develop a lifelong love of reading.

I have been inspired by Donalyn Miller's book Reading in the Wild and have embraced her suggestions on creating a culture of reading in my classroom for all kids. To inspire kids to read I bring in class novels, audiobooks, guest readers, host book tastings, and have cultivated an inviting classroom library.
I spend time in the summer reading kids novels and searching used bookstores and thrift shops for books to add to my classroom library.


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